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We wrapped up the Santa Barbara Innovators Program with our demo day on September 16th at the Deckers Rotunda, and it was fantastic!  Checkout the cool, short video at https://vimeo.com/143430635.

The Santa Barbara cohort included five startups and three corporate teams:

  • 222Labs is developing an internet of things (IoT) solution and platform that can be adapted to many possible environmental and event monitoring solutions.
  • Capyx is developing a beautiful and accurate Cap Table Management solution, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs and investors to keep track of their company’s ownership. Capyx plans to extend this secure technology to be used in additional settings.
  • Caugnate offers a natural and intuitive extension of video conferencing to support remote collaboration for field service work and other applications. Caugnate participated in the UCSB Technology Management Program New Venture Competition.
  • Milo  is developing the very first wearable alcohol sensor that actively monitors blood alcohol levels through perspiration. Their goal is to inspire people to make safe, educated decisions while drinking. They recently won the UCSB New Venture Competition, receiving People’s Choice, 1st Place in Tech, and the Grand Prize.
  • Sanwood is bringing to market sensors, including a micro-USB re-chargeable battery that can last over 4 months with a full-charge. Their proprietary platform can be used as a basic foundation to develop more advanced IoT sensor technology, or as a turn-key solution for motion capture data transmission of an object or person.

The Citrix innovation teams are:

  • Encanta by Citrix gets mobile app startups talking to their early adopting customers in seconds rather than days or weeks. Learn your most active customer’s needs, wants and desires now and never get a bad app store review again.
  • Recapit Why take notes by hand? Recapit will do it for you. Recapit is an iPhone app for your face-to-face meetings and interviews. Highlight action items, decisions, and noteworthy comments. Transcribe them to get written notes! Add photos of a whiteboard or other visual aids, and share it all with a link you can give anyone.
  • Voitrix helps Real Estate Agents gain more sales leads and save time by providing browser-based calling and texting capability and detailed information tracking of prospective and existing clients.


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