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Written By – Charu Sharma

Twelve weeks of ideating, prototyping, iterating and learning during the Citrix Startup Accelerator Innovators program, culminated in the Demo day on Feb 25th 2015. Our first cohort was graduating, and the excitement was palpable. The graduating teams presented their learnings during the program, and pitched their startup ideas to a room full of people who have “been there, done that”.

A fun-filled, action-packed day was in order. During the product showcase, the delegates were mighty impressed with the quality and depth of ideas as they went around from one startup booth to another.

Next up were the startup presentations. Rakesh Singh kicked-off the session and emphasized Citrix’s commitment to the startup ecosystem in India. John McIntyre gave an overview of the program, shared his perspective around startups, and the road-ahead for the Innovators program in India.

As each presenter danced their way up to the stage (it was mandatory), the fun quotient amped up. We were just “starting-up”!

First up was an energetic presentation by Gaurav Mittal, of ShareCard. They are going to take the pain out of networking events, by building an app that helps connect with the relevant people effectively. Fun fact: Gaurav’s hairstyles saw as many pivots as the ShareCard app itself.

Do you wonder, at the end of every billing cycle, how your mobile bill shoots up the roof? Well, fret no more as OppCee can help. That value proposition was well-articulated by Sivagurunathan K. All the sleep that he lost over the past twelve weeks didn’t go in vain, after all!

BuzzyBee is a WhatsApp for work, and Vikramjeet Singh’s presentation highlighted several reasons why it will be the next-gen messaging app. The product saw the maximum pivots during the program, and this only validates the team’s commitment to making communication and collaboration better.

ZipZapData are building a multi-platform syncing SDK. Venkateswara Rao Nandigam’s presentation talked about the need for such a solution, and importance of customer feedback as his key learning.

Connect, Engage and Gain visibility – that’s 140 Bytes for you. Vipin Borkar even described his entrepreneurial journey in 140 characters.

Our external presentations started with Maxerience Electrosystems. They make human-like vision inspection systems with self-learning capabilities. The founder didn’t follow the mandatory dance rule. His argument: Machines don’t dance!

KarmaSnap put social back into social responsibility by bringing together donors, corporates and NGOs.

The next startup that pitched, were ParaBlu. They are attempting to make Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC), a catch-phrase.

InstaSafe are reinventing networking by leveraging the power of the Cloud. A great presentation was followed by a (forced) hula hoop dance by the founder.

Following the terrific presentations by our startups, it was time for an energetic talk. Ravi Gururaj (NASSCOM Product Council Chairman) wrapped up the day for us as he congratulated Citrix, and pledged his support to the unique Citrix Startup Accelerator Innovators program.

The session concluded with recognizing the Best Pitch (InstaSafe), Best Demo (OppCee) and the Maximum customer interviews (BuzzyBee). The celebrations continued during the networking mixer that followed.

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Best practices with mobile applications are a changing game. One of the challenges is speed and consistency of API data delivery. I’m excited by the vision and technology of a company called Apakau. Excited enough that we brought them into Citrix Startup Accelerator; where we invest in startups with a good chance to (1) transform enterprise infrastructure (2) create the future of work.

The Apakau team has a webinar coming up on March 18. Please come along; I’d love to hear what you think of them.

Innovations in Data Center vs. Edge CDNs for Capacity Planning

Today, we see data systems reaching the architectural scale-up limits from growing the data center larger and larger. One hint of possible innovation is a more distributed system used in more than a decade-old architecture of a CDN (content delivery system) for static data. While a distributed CDN architecture is still a viable one to provide end users with high availability of static content, the exponential increase of mobile and API dynamic data requires new solutions and architectures to improve user experience. This talk explores innovative architectures to optimize data center capacity, performance and security for dynamic data at the application vs network layers.





Dr Michael Harries, Chief Technologist, Senior Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator


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India LunchIndia his a deep and rich culture that spans time, languages, religions and cuisine!  Today I experienced konju pollichathu (prawns wrapped in banana leaf) and kakka erachi (clam meat with onions and seasoning) from the Kerala region in the far southeast tip of the country. Wow, what an explosion of flavor ! You could spend a lifetime exploring the food alone in India and I am off to a good start.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending a month out of the last six here in India to launch and now conclude our inaugural Innovators Program in Bangalore, our first international edition.   The diversity that is India is very much in line with the model we created for the Innovators Program.  A diverse set of teams from external startups to internal corporate teams working on lots of different solutions.  That diversity across teams along with great instructors and mentors helps the teams validate their product/market fit so they can self-determine if they are going down the right path, need to pivot, or even shut down the project.

Nine teams have now completed the program and today they will be presenting their lessons learned at our demo day on Wednesday, February 25th.  If you are in Bangalore please come by the J.W. Marriott at 3pm.  If not, we’ll be posting the videos here in the coming days.

I can say, even before the demo day is complete, that we are planning our next cohort for later this year.  We are talking with a number of other corporations and investors about participating so if you are interested please connect with us.

Update:  All nine teams did a fantastic job at the Demo Day.  To see a summary of all the teams please check out the Innovators Program -Bangalore Team Booklet.  Team sites are below.



Citrix’s accelerator to fund 4 out of 9 startups it has incubated

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  • Zip Zap Data (
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