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Innovators Program

For startups: We deliver impactful programs that help startups and internal innovation teams validate their business models, get on the right growth track and get funding.  We have experience working with over 70 startup teams from Silicon Valley, The Research TriangleSanta Barbara and Bangalore over the last two years.  See one entrepreneur’s testimony on how he and his team almost wasted a few years of our lives building a product that nobody would end up buying” and how he eventually launched a successful startup.  

Our signature 12-week Innovators Program embraces the core principles of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Startup Leadership.  This enables early-stage startups to rapidly test and validate their ideas in the market with real customers.  Our program offers funding from our partners, which include top corporations, venture funds and government organizations.


For partners: This program has been developed with corporate and investor partners in mind.  If your business is looking to stay ahead of the innovation curve and be agile like a startup, send us an email to work with us.




Leadership Team


John McIntyre

Managing Director, Kauffman Fellows Network

Startup Accelerator


Dr. Michael Harries

Chief Technology Officer, Kyndi

Startup Accelerator








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