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Case Study in China:

U+ is a very successful Chinese mobile social network, with a popular photo and video sharing function, that enables you to find friends in your area.  The service was temporarily suspended by the Chinese government, due to the objectionable content within some fraction of over 50 Million photos shared by some of its 30+ Million users every month.

U+ then conveyed to the Chinese Government it’s objective of being the “cleanest” social network of its genre in China, by policing of objectionable images at massive scale, while continuing to maintain or enrich the fabulous user-experience that their service provides. U+ has now integrated Graymatics’ ImageAssurance and VideoAssurance products at the front-end of its workflow to process the 100’s of millions of images passing through their application for safety in real time.

“We are pleased to partner with Graymatics, whose products are helping boost our platform and application in many ways. The platinum performance of the Graymatics’ G3C engine is helping us close in on our objective to have the cleanest and most compelling mobile social media service to our users. Our Government and our users do not deserve anything less than this” said ZhuTao Hu, CEO of U+.

Graymatics multi-media processing engine is currently being used by clients across the globe in additional applications as diverse as e-commerce, photo experience applications, visual search, content preference creation, social media analysis and various advertising applications.


Read the rest of the press release here.

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