Accelerators, Disruption and the Evolving Role of Corporations

Kauffman Fellows is a Silicon Valley-based leadership program for venture capitalists and innovators of all kinds.  Today, Fellows hail from 50 countries on 6 continents. They work in venture capital firms, private equity firms, Fortune 100 companies, startups, accelerators, micro-funds, angel organizations, family offices, universities, foundations, and at the highest levels of government. The common thread is that Fellows are primarily focused on investing in and supporting entrepreneurs.  Learn more here.

The venture capital (VC) industry has greatly expanded  in the last 10 years.  The shape of the industry has both expanded and evolved as the early stage venture has developed with the emergence of angels, seed funds, accelerator sand more corporate involvement. To take a long term view of the changing face of the VC industry, with a focus on the early stage part of the market, Kauffman Fellows Research has produced the following report – The changing shape of Venture Capital Markets: Accelerators, Disruption and the Evolving Role of Corporation Venture.  You can download a copy here.

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Kauffman Fellows has also teamed with the California Business Incubation Alliance to do do  an in-depth look into California based accelerators and incubators.  Please see the the report here.

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The Startup Accelerator: an open innovation platform that develops and funds startups and corporate internal teams.

We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and funded over 70 startups in partnership with Venture Toolkit.  We bring expertise to corporations, investors and local organizations to help them find and support the next great products and companies.

The Innovators Program validates customer traction, develops leadership and opens access to corporate and venture investment.  We have global reach and operate locally.

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The Innovators Program is a three-month program run with partners in key locations around the world.  We work with early stage entrepreneurial teams and new corporate innovation teams, coaching them in leadership skills, lean practices and design thinking. We provide the Venture Toolkit framework to steer them towards identifying their intial customers, working with top mentors to gain business model validation.db-arrow Learn More


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Venture Toolkit fills a critical need for modern enterprise by providing the “HOW” for your innovation initiatives. We do this by using tools and techniques employed by the most successful startups and enterprise companies in the world, and designing custom programs based on your needs..db-arrow Learn More